Cressy is a rural township with a population of around 800, which is situated on the Norfolk Plains below the Great Western Tiers, 36 kms from Launceston and 21 kms off the Midland Highway.


Cressy was built as the main centre for the Cressy Company. It was named by the first company director Captain Bartholemew Boyle Thomas, a descendant of a war hero at the battle of ‘Crecy’ in the fourteenth century. The company was named after this battle.


The Cressy Company, also known as ‘The Cressy Establishment’, was a large agricultural company. The company owned a significant portion of the Norfolk Plains including land from the Lake River to the Liffey River.


William Brumby built the first building in the area, the Cressy Hotel, in 1845. Cressy did not become an official township until 1848. The last director of the Cressy Company, James D. Toosey Senior, sold ‘The Cressy Establishment’ in 1855, for a large profit. After the sale he bought two properties - ‘Richmond Hill’ and  ‘Cressy House’ - and later set aside land from ‘Richmond Hill’ for a church and burial ground. By 1887, Cressy was a flourishing agricultural village.











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The area of Norfolk Plains, which takes in the Cressy district, was at one time the richest wheat growing area in Tasmania. Today more specialised crops like poppies for the pharmaceutical industry are grown.


The Cressy area is a mecca for fly fishing. Known as the 'Gateway to Trout Fishing Paradise' with accessibility to Brumby's Creek, the Weirs, the Macquarie, Lake and Liffey rivers. Cressy is Tasmania's only 'troutified' township and home to the well known, Tasmanian Trout Expo which is held annually.

There is a mural on the Cressy Town Hall depicting early settlers and the farming community, as well as the properties in the area. A painted history board, showing the main street of Cressy as it was in the early 1900s stands in the park.


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The township of Cressy enjoys an unique and eclectic history like no other town.


The town's history has been graphically recorded and uploaded to YouTube for you to enjoy.


Glance Into The Past

Lest We Forget

When the Queen Came to Town

The Cressy Cigar - The Infamous Sightings of the 1960s UFOs


Over time more will be uploaded to You Tube.